Exclusive Ayushmann Khurrana: 'I Will Continue to Work in Movies That Have Strong Stories'

Exclusive Ayushmann Khurrana: 'I Will Continue to Work in Movies That Have Strong Stories'

Kamis, 07 November 2019 13:18:14 WIB Selebriti
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Bolly.id - Ayushmann Khuranna has been having a golden run for the last many years. This is clearly that time of his life when whatever he touches turns into gold. He has been giving back to back hits starting with the last year hit Andhadhun, moving on to Badhaai Ho, Article 15 and the last film was DreamGirl. In Andhadhun, he played a blind man who witnesses bizarre incidents in life. 

All these movies presented the newer side of Ayushmann, as he has been exploring some genuine characters and playing it convincingly. In Article 15, he played a righteous IPS officer trying to get justice for innocent rape victims. In Dreamgirl, he plays a man who dons a female character in order to earn money. After playing so many unique characters starting with Vicky Donor, Ayushmann will now be playing a bald man in his upcoming movie titled  Bala. 

This is the first time that a mainstream movie has been made on a subject that is very sensitive to most men across the globe. While most men have been looking for a solution to this problem, Ayushman through his film wants to instil confidence and more faith among them. The movie aims to give a message that losing hair should be equated to biggest loss in one’s life. 

A young boy from Chandigarh, who shot to fame after winning the show Roadies in early 2000, Ayushmann has clearly come too far. He worked as an RJ for some time, before walking towards Bollywood. With the movie Vicky Donor, which talked about the taboo topic of sperm donation. This was a turning point in the life of Ayushmann who became an overnight star enjoying the adulation of the masses. 

However, when everyone was wondering about the survival of Ayushmann in an industry that was congested with star-sons and the Khans, Vicky Donor star preferred to be the face of the common man. This was the reason that he managed to belt out unique movies that changed the way Bollywood movies were perceived until now. 


With most filmstars trying hard to work on their image, Ayushmann prefers to stick to his work. His wife Tahira Kashyap, who survived cancer had Ayushmann as her major support. She worked on her books and has always been a loving mom to their two children. Interestingly, while Ayushamann stood with the wife while she was getting her cancer treated, the couple prefers to keep their private life away from the public eye. Ayushmann’s brother Aparshakti who made a mark with the movie Dangal, but never tried to ape his elder brother. 

While the two brothers do not have any plan to work in any movie together, but the two clearly want to work in movies that have a strong script and give them a chance to be innovative on the screen.  

We sit with Ayushmann to talk about his selection of movies, his thoughts on changing platforms of entertainment and his family:

How are you feeling about playing yet another unique character in the movie Bala?

As usual I am very excited about the new film. To be honest, this is not a unique character but a story of a common man who is battling with his looks and his receding hairline.

Since you have been very careful about picking up roles, why did you feel the need to play a bald man in the movie?

Though we take it very lightly those who suffer the problem of hair loss or baldness face ridicule and huge complex. This is the most important aspect of one’s life which people have to battle this problem.

What was the biggest challenge to play this role in Bala?

The prosthetic that we used to make me look bald was the biggest challenge. It would take more than two hours to get the look that I had in the film. So I had to come before time and would be ready by the time rest of the crew members would gather just to start the shoot on time. But, when I saw myself on the screen, I felt it was worth the wait. 

Do you think looks play an important role in making a man desirable for women?

Looks may be important but it is not the only thing that makes a man desirable. There are thousands of men who have no hair or are battling with the problem of excessive hair fall. But, that does not make them less good looking. This movie talks about the problems associated with hair loss. 

So what do you think makes a man appealing and likeable?

There are a lot of factors- for instance, humour. Men who joke and know how to make others laugh are liked. Intelligence, sharp wit and brilliance of mind help in making them likeable.

Did you really speak to people who are facing this problem?

This is the most important part of my work. Every time I take up a role I speak to people who can describe their feelings. I spoke to my friends who have been battling baldness, and they confirmed how annoying it can get at times. I incorporated their views and emotions in the movie. 

There seems to be a clash of movies based on the topic of receding hairline. A week before Bala, we had the movie called Ujda Chaman?

There have been made such attempts made in the past. But, our movie is largely about self-appreciation and dealing with one’s inner complexes. In the west, we have had a movie titled “Hair Is Falling’ but we have our own version. Our film talks about confidence as we want to highlight how one should never be ashamed of one’s body and physical restrains. 

You are going through one of the finest phases of your life. Are you enjoying being at the centre of attention?

Everybody puts you on a pedestal and expects you to give an opinion on everything. At the same time, stardom is treading the thin line between contentment and ambition for your own sanity.

Does it matter to you if your movie works at the box office or not?

It matters to be me to know if my movie has touched many hearts on not. I always want to do better than what I have done already, and I think of bettering the craft. Sometimes I prefer to leave the commerce behind.

You became an overnight star after Vicky Donor. How did you change?

I have not really changed. When Vicky Donor because successful I had no one to guide me as I had no mentor. I guess it was good in many ways because I did not follow any rule. I wanted to be very happy and content with my work. This is what I did and so I can make the choice of right kind of movies.

How is life after you won a national award for the movie Andhadun.

Nothing much actually. Only the responsibility on my shoulder has increased. I have realised that my duties are more about my craft. I need to look at my script far more carefully because I enjoy a well-made movie. My fans now have more expectations from me after winning the award. 

What about the movie Dreamgirl. Where you sad that it did not work well at the box office?

The movie had me donning women’s attire. But, the truth is that there is nothing new in men getting into the feminine mode. In this movie, I would speak to people in the voice of a woman. As an RJ, I would always talk in feminine language to joke with the audience. 

Tell us about your upcoming movie Gulabo Sitabo in which you are seen alongside Amitabh Bachchan?

We will talk about it in detail closer to the release of the movie. This is a story that revolves around the love-hate relationship between a landlord and a tenant. This movie will deal with diminishing traditional art of puppetry. 

You have been very choosey about the kind of movies you pick. What do you keep in mind while taking up a project?

There are three things that I keep in mind while reading a script. I see to it that the story is new and the no one has seen similar kind of movie before. Also, I hope that the movie has several interesting aspects that can bind the audience connected with the story throughout the film.

You have been associated with theatre for long. Has that changed the actor in you?

Nothing has changed. As an actor, we look at interesting characters and engaging stories. For instance, when I was working in theatre, I was very keen to work in a movie which was similar to Article 15. I am very happy that finally, we could work in a movie which had strong content. 

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