Exclusive Janhvi Kapoor: I am Lucky to Get a Chance to Play So Many Characters

Exclusive Janhvi Kapoor: I am Lucky to Get a Chance to Play So Many Characters

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Bolly.id - She emerged as the best face and one of the most promising newcomers in the year 2018 with the movie Dhadak. The movie based on family enmity and casteism that featured Ishan Khattar. While everyone thought she is yet another newcomer from a prominent film family, who would fade away with time, Jhanvi emerged as a bundle of talent who knew how to hone her abilities, look and family name to its fullest.

One may thank her privileged upbringing, surroundings and prominent filmi surname, but Janhvi has been one of the most ambitious newcomers who made the right choice of movies. She waited for the right characters and right scripts, which will soon hit the screen to make her one of the promising actors in the coming time.

Much before the success of  Dhadak, Jahnvi was enjoying the attention of the masses. This was all thanks to being the daughter of late Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor. She was a hit on Instagram, as people loved her natural looks and style. While in 2019, there was no movie featuring Janhvi that hit the screen. Most of the industry watchers thought that her career is refusing to take off. 
But, it was only after one and a half years of Dhadak that Janhvi is now ready to play her next inning. The new year started with Netflix series titled Ghost Stories in which she plays a young nurse living in a haunted house. While the show is inviting a lot of attention which has Janhvi in a de-glam role.

The year 2020 will also have four more releases featuring Janhvi - titled Roohi Afza, Dostana 2, Gunjan Saxena and Takht. All the movies are different from each other and Janhvi is likely to express her new side in each of the characters. 

She plays a fighter pilot Gunjan Saxena, named after the female pilot who made everyone proud during the Kargil war. Roohi Afza is a funny horror movie opposite Rajkumar Rao while Takht is a period drama that Jahnvi is way too excited about.   

On the personal front, her life is at a smooth pace. While the world talked about differences between her and stepbrother Arjun (Kapoor), the two appeared in the show Koffee With Karan. They not only showed camaraderie but also talked about how all the four children -Arjun, Anshula, Janhavi and Khushi talk to each other. She jokingly mentioned the name of a WhatsApp group called Papa’s children in which father Boney is very active. While Jahnvi is busy with her career, she talked about how she gets embarrassed talking about her alleged romantic relation with Ishaan Khattar.     

Jahnvi is equally excited about the attention of the media. At any given time, the paparazzi in Mumbai follow her anywhere she goes. She is always in the middle of the limelight -be it at the airport or at the gym, she is clicked everywhere. Unlike other newcomers who have reservations about posing for the shutterbugs, Janhvi is happy to pose with everyone. There have been many occasions when Janhvi was followed by the photographers, but she cooly stood back to pose for them.                  

In a freewheeling conversation, Janhvi talks about her digital debut, how it’s exciting to be a part of films that offers her a variety. She looks forward to surprising the audience with each of the characters she is ready to play: 
Your appearance in web series Ghost Stories is making a lot of noise?
Yes, this was a genre that I always wanted to try. But I was never too sure. The series opened the door for a very beautiful narration. It was really enjoyable for me to appear in a show like that. I wish to look at more such interesting stories.  

Has it been a conscious call to experiment with extreme genres in your upcoming films?
Honestly, I do not categorise my movies in several genres. The movies are simply a form of entertainment. Many of us divide cinema into commercial or art but putting a label on films. Every good film that has resonated with people has had something honest or fresh to say. If a film follows specific criteria but it is not entertaining than it has nothing to talk about. We need to have a movie that has a story that touches the heart of everyone. So, all the films I’m doing, aspire to say something in whatever way — comedy, horror or drama.

How easy or tough was it to be part of a horror-comedy - Roohi Afza?
I am opposite Rajkummar Rao in this film, which is a sweet movie that will make the audience have a fun time watching a comic take on horror. I am enjoying every minute of making this movie and want the audience to enjoy it too. This is the most challenging, complicated, physically demanding and emotionally taxing roles that I’ve had the privilege of doing.

With Dostana 2, do you fear there would be comparisons with the first instalment?
Dostana (2009) became a cult classic and it is a  huge challenge to be part of a movie that has been such a big success. I hope we match that standard, fun, energy and glamour. But the story, characters and the sets are completely different. We are narrating a different story that will not only entertain but will also make you laugh and cry. I am not allowed to speak much about the movie, but I can tell that this is a very emotional story and I want the audience to continue the fun that was started with original Dostana. 

Next film of yours is a period drama, Takht. Have you already started prepping for your role?
Ans: Ever since I started my journey, to be a part of a period drama. Ever since I was offered the movie, I began to start the preparation. When I signed the film, I immediately started learning kathak. Since the dialect is in Urdu, I am taking lessons. Now that we have started shooting the movie, all this is coming in very handy. I hope to explore a unique side of me. Playing a princess was my dream. Any actress who dreams of making it big wants to work with Sanjay Bhansali sir. I hope to be a part of the ensemble cast. 

Do you think there is something about age that matters when you do a period drama?

I have never really thought of that. I enjoy every movie and treat each character as part of my job. I feel it’s something that might come more naturally to me than contemporary roles because I’ve subscribed to that cinema more. I prefer watching older films. Mughal-E-Azam (1960), Pakeezah (1972), Umrao Jaan (1981)… I’ve been obsessed with them and can relate to them. 

You’ve just made your digital debut on Netflix with Ghost Stories. Was it more of a challenge to pick up this risky genre?
We all enjoy horror movies and everyone waits for spooky films. The audience is loving the Ghost Series. I wanted to do a short movie and was genuinely happy to work with Zoya Akhtar. Again, I do not like to compartmentalise movies in genres. The fact that the script and the character were so intriguing, moving and beautifully written, was a massive cherry on the topping.

As an audience, how much do you relate to horror as a genre?
I love watching horror films and observe the performances in particular. All over the world, we find it immensely intriguing. There are several movies that I have seen as a kid and got really frightened (laughs).  When I was a child, I wanted to play Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). I was always inspired to do such a phenomenal job with her body language and voice. In Indian movies, I loved Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) and I hope I get a chance to work in something similar. 

When you have so many movie offers, why did you consider web series? 
The audience is changing and their taste is also changing. The short stories are loved by everyone and we are looking at crispy stories. The way the OTT is growing, we can gauge its popularity. Short stories on the digital platform are a great place for content that you can’t otherwise have the freedom of exploring in feature films. Even the directors on these digital platforms don’t feel the pressure of commercial viability.

Since you have so many things on your platter, is it difficult to switch to so many options and work in different kinds of movies? 
Yes, the challenge was worth it. I have been shooting back to back, but that was not my worry. I was more bothered about giving my best shot.  I did not have more than a day apart in between my shoots for Roohi Afza, Gunjan Saxena and Ghost Stories. It was not easy but that’s what one needs to do as an actor, I guess. Honestly, I was a little paranoid if I’m giving it enough if I’m doing justice to this opportunity. There was a lot going on, but I really enjoyed that momentous phase.

You are young and your fans are wondering if you are thinking of marriage?

I have too much going on in my carrier. I just want to focus on work right now. I am a traditional person and will marry in the most traditional way in Tirupati. I want a marriage attended by just a couple of close family members.

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