Exclusive Varun Dhawan: I just want my movies to be successful

Exclusive Varun Dhawan: I just want my movies to be successful

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Bolly.id - Varun Dhawan is certainly one of the most versatile actors of our time. He is one of those actors who is not shying away from picking new roles. He loves to work in all kind of movies, but more than anything else he wants to be an entertainer, who wants to be honest to his audience and fans. 

Ever since he started out to work with the movie Student of The Year, he has never thought of taking a short cut. He has honestly picked roles that include being a good man turning murder with the movie Badlapur, playing a romantic hero in Kalank or a simple love-struck boy in October in love with a comatose girl. His latest offering is Street Dancer 3D along with Shraddha Kapoor. The movie is a continuation of Remo D Souza directed ABCD and ABCD2 which was again based on dance and dance competition. Street Dancer that revolves around the struggle of dancer and journey to victory is making waves against Kangana Ranaut-starrer sports drama Panga.

Varun, just like his filmmaker father has been planning to venture into the world of filmmaking. He recently dropped a hint to turn into a producer along with T-series honcho Bhushan Kumar. 

Inspired by Govinda, who was one of the most favourite actors and worked in the movies made by Varun’s father David Dhawan, he has been trying to get into the entertainment horizon. His movies Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Dishoom to Judwa 2, Varun has been making everyone smile with his unique dancing abilities, humour and spontaneity on screen. He seems to be inspired by Govinda, as he tries to recreate a similar level of recreating in the movie.  

He has rarely been in news for his romantic liaison with any co-star. Varun hates to discuss his love in public. But, there has been a strong rumour that he may either get engaged or tie a knot with his long time girlfriend Natasha Dalal in May. Varun has confirmed his relationship with Natasha, an innovative fashion designer from Mumbai, on Koffee With Karan last year.      

Varun is well-known to stay away from any kind of controversies. He has only been interested in making enjoyable movies and also takes the risk of working in movies that offer him a chance to try out something new. 

When Varun made a debut with the movie Student Of the Year, everyone thought that he will not go beyond working in comedy movies that his father and a prolific filmmaker David Dhawan’s movies. While Dhawan has given some of the best hits in the 90s, Varun on the other has worked in several movies that were unique. Badlapur and Suidhaga were examples of movies that confirmed his acting abilities. 

His popularity is increasing among youngsters who are the major audience these days. Films such as ABCD 2 followed by Street Dancer are increasing his popularity in.   

Varun speaks to us about his upcoming movies and his desire to working in offbeat movies. He tells us about how he is greedy to work in movies that surprise his fans:         

 Dance movies are always compared with Step Up-the famous American dance drama. Do you feel the comparison?

Street Dancer is not just a dance movie, it is a coming-of-age movie. Each actor here has his own back story and a fulfilling journey. I know people instantly think of Step Up and we cannot stop them. This movie is more about people taking their success for granted. This movie is about people who are running after success how it can turn around to be poison. There is a message in the movie, which highlights the human mind when one faces success. 

You are famous for giving your hundred per cent while working in any movie?

I try to work hard on each movie- be it while acting or promoting. I feel the job of the actor is never over if one is working hard. You want your movie to do well. I want everyone to realise the hard work we have put in the movie. It is not just about acting, but also about working towards making the movie successful. This is why we work hard on promoting the movies, to make the character familiar to the audience.      

You are establishing yourself as a person who wants to make the most of being an actor?

Yes, as an honest person this is what one should do in the career. I like talking about my work because I am truly passionate about it. I get very greedy when movies are offered to me as I want to work in all the interesting characters offered to me. I have always aspired to be that.     

Of all the newcomers, you are by far most reticent to be on the social media. Do most actors feel that is the best form of connecting with the fans?

It is not right to say that social media is the best way to connect with fans. Though I do connect with my fans on Instagram, that is not with each fan. Entire India is not really on social media. They are our audience and they love to watch movies. But what you get to see on Instagram is just one part of it. One can have a far more mass connect irrespective of how much you reach on social media. They are all connected to you through your work. 

Which one of the movie is your favourite?

I have never thought of that. It is largely the choice of movies that are my victory. I have been trying all kinds of roles now. I think of working in movies that have unique scripts made by brilliant filmmakers. This is the best phase of my life. 

You were in a completely different space when you worked in Sui Dhaga. Do you look back and think Sui Dhaga to be a completely different role?

Ans: All this is me. We don’t eat the same food every day, similarly, actors cannot be in the same role every day. Pushing yourself is important. If I had not done a movie like October and Sui Dhaga, I would have felt cheated as an actor.

What inspires you when you watch the movies made by Hollywood filmmakers? 

I am a big follower of world movies. But what matters most for me is to understand how we can watch similar movies. There have been cases where most while watching movies such as Boyhood wonder why we cannot be a part of such movies. I think that is what I feel should think of while making movies.    

Judwa made a huge profit. Do you think that the core audience watches Judwa.

 I agree that movies with mass appeal make a lot of money. Mass appeal is important just as the commercial success is important. Acceptability is a different story. But it is important to understand what kind of movie is needed by us and how can it be a great business.  

Do you think the movies that are crazy connected with the audience more?  

As an actor, I can do something twisted. Even if it is crazy, it will hit with the audience it is made with honesty. But, there is no point one should be scared of the experiment. 

How important is the commercial success of a movie? 

I always keep saying that I want to make more money. But that is possible only when we make a variety of projects.  I want to do great movies and also venture into the digital space so that we can work on innovative ideas.  

Are you approached by new filmmakers? 

Producers are backing new filmmakers. They are experimenting with new scripts. They want to work with new talent. They are also looking at people who want to get surprised. 

Your father is very happy with your success. Do you agree with that?

I don’t think he is happy with my work. He may be happy for me as a son, but he is not too happy with the money. Until you don’t find anything meaningful with your life. I don’t think it is worth it because I don’t really run around money. 

Coming back to your movie Street Dancer 2, what kind of dance forms do you like?

I am a passionate dancer and I like all kind of dance forms. This has a lot of genres. I personally loved Nora Fatehi’s dance form. She has done a great job. Let’s keep Prabhu (Deva) sir aside. It is largely about working in movies which are inspiring actors and artists. 

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