Yodha Movie Review

Yodha Movie Review

Selasa, 19 Maret 2024 09:25:49 WIB Film
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Hi Bolly.id lovers, it's movie review time. Our movie for this week is entitled YODHA, starring SIddharth Malhotra and directed by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha. The film is an aerial action hijack thriller that will keep you uptight.

The movie starts when Arun Katyal (played by Siddharth Malhotra) chaperones a nuclear scientist in a plane that gets hijacked. He tries to fight the hijackers but gets thrown out of the plane resulting in the death of the scientist. He is reprimanded by his superiors because of acting independently without following the instructions given to him. He gets suspended. He tries to appeal but to no avail. Out of frustration, he tells his wife to go back to her city.

Five years later Katyal gets a message in his handphone instructing him to board a flight. Unknowing to him, it was a trap to use him as the scapegoat The film follows with titillating, bombastic scenes that will keep you engrossed on the screen, wanting to know how Katyal will find a solution to handle the hijackers.

Yodha is one of your typical hijack films, but Ambre gives it a twist when the hijacked plane is targeted to hit a mosque in Islamabad. Directors Ambre and Ojha's talents are proven with good continuity and almost perfect editing. They also gives it a thrilling, chest throbbing, hype making the movie an enjoyable one. Some scenes are unrealistic, especially the part when Katyal falls out of the plane and ends up in one piece with a few scratches. Another is when he opens the carpet on the aisle and uses it to go to the lower part of the plane which is unusual.

SIdhhart Malhotra who plays Arun Katyal gives a high-energy performance matched by his good looks. Although we are all used to seeing him in a romantic movie, Malhotra proves himself as a good action star in the movie.

Raashii Khanna who plays Priya, Arun Katwal's wife acts convincingly as the madam secretary of the Prime minister.

Disha Patani, who plays the role of a hijacker disguised as a flight stewardess gave a mediocre performance.

Yodha will keep you entertained for 120 minutes. Bolly. id rates Yodha with three achas. Don't forget to watch this film. See you in the cinemas.