Madgaon Express Movie Review

Madgaon Express Movie Review

Senin, 25 Maret 2024 08:29:37 WIB Film
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Hi lovers. It'a movie review time. Our film for this week is Madgaon Express. A BRO-mantic story, the film is a riot of hilarious moments.

The film starts when Dodo (played by Divyenndu), a jobless young man, gets on a call with his two best friends, Pinku (played by Pratik Gandhi) and Ayush (Avinash Tiwary). They plan on a trip together. Dodo suggests going to Goa. He picks up Pinku and Ayush from the airport who are both disgusted with the transport Dodo arranged for them. Pinku has many health issues and is allergic to dust, Ayush, a successful entrepreneur who stays in New York, expected a lavish welcome. Dodo comes up with an excuse. He told his friends he had a penthouse and a successful company even if they were lies.

Dodo finally takes them to the train station to go to Goa. Once more Ayush and PInky are upset with Dodo because he bought the third class tickets which had no air conditioning. Pinku excuses himself to make a phone call, bringing his red bag with medicines with him. He stops beside a kiosk selling basic needs, puts his bag on the floor, and makes the call. Simultaneously another man goes to the kiosk with a red bag and puts it on the floor.

When Dodo is done with his call, he picks up the wrong red bag. He enters the train and when he needs medicine and opens the bag, he sees money, a room key, and a gun. Pinku and Ayush tell Dodo to get rid of the bag, but the latter just throws the bag and keeps the contents without telling his friends. Since Dodo didn't have the money to book the room for his friends, he used the room key which was in the bag, The next day a female gangster knocked on the door. The film moves on with many hilarious scenes.

Madgaon Express is one of those movies with a good storyline and comedy. Kunal Khemu has a well-written engaging script with unrelenting humor. I would say a good film like this one can be attributed to the performance of the actors. Khemu's directorial debut is excellent direction as shown in the performances of the actors.

Divyenndu who plays Dodo, portrays a man who is good at telling tales. His performance as a notorious liar is commendable as he looked like a con man.

Pratik Gandhi who played Pinku, is the funniest of the three men, His facial expressions were awesome, acting out his character as a man with many health issues. He was at his best comic role when he fell on a bed of cocaine,

Avinash Tiwari who plays Ayush, skillfully performs as a serious young man, who is honest and doesn't take nonsense.

Madgaon Express is a must-watch movie because it has simple sensible comedy story that will make you laugh!. Bolly. id rate this movie with four achas.

Don't forget to watch this film. See you in the bioscope.