Chandu Champion Review English Version

Chandu Champion Review English Version

Minggu, 16 Juni 2024 11:20:21 WIB Film
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Courtesy poster: All sumber - A true-to-life story of a man named Murlikant Petkar, the film takes the audience into a heartwarming, touching struggle to achieve a dream. Petkar starts his life as a villager and ends up in the army. He gets into boxing and loses but never gives up on his dream.  Petkar (played by Kartik Aryan) hails from a poor family. He failed in school but dreams of winning a gold medal in the Olympics.  He was mocked and laughed at by school friends. He learned wrestling much to the dismay of his father. His brother supported him all the way. One day he was asked to compete with a politician's son. The teacher specifically chose him thinking he would surely lose. The politician wanted his son to win. Much to the dismay of his teacher Petkar wins. His brother told him to run away for fear of being killed by the politician. Petkar, followed by a group of men with sticks, runs away and gets on a running train.  

He made friends with Karnail Singh (Bhuvan Arora) who encouraged him to join the army so he could play in the Olympics. Petkar meets Tiger (played by Vijay Raaz) who trains him to become a boxer. The story continues as Petkar struggles to make his dream come true.

DIrector Kabir Khan brings Petkar's life story to life in a heartwarming film.  The film slowly unfolds Petkar's journey, allowing the audience to relive his life. Khan made the audience feel Petkar's ups and downs and how he just accepted what has endowed him and continued trying to win a gold medal. His excellent direction can be seen in the actors' outstanding performances. Khan inserted some sports scenes which are realistic.

Kartik Aryaan, who plays Murlikant Petkar, surprised the audience with his new role.  Aryaan proves to everyone his excellent acting skills are not only for romance comedy. Aryaan started as a young innocent kid transforming into an adult. He kept the audience mesmerized with his kind of performance. He kept the audience, glued to the screen. 

Vijay Raaz as Tiger Ali. played a supporting role but with superb acting. Raaz is a natural, who gives Petkar the strength to carry on and fulfill his dreams. 

Chandu Champion is a must-watch film because it is inspirational, motivating the audience to never give up. rated this movie with Four achas.

- Aruna Harjani