Exclusive: Hrithik Roshan | English Version

Exclusive: Hrithik Roshan | English Version

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Hrithik Roshan (ist)

To Play Anand Kumar was An Achievement

Bollyid - The actor has always been in news. Ever since he started out with the movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai almost 19 years ago, he has been stealing the hearts. As the Greek God who has never seized to go girls crazy about him. There has always been a certain amount of magic about the actor. Be it his style, his looks, his romantic life, his marriage or his divorce, Hrithik has never been out of the news.

Hrithik’s personal life has been always given the fodder for juicy gossip. In 2014, his fans were surprised to learn that he and his wife were seeking separation. He handled it with a lot of dignity, till date he has been keeping his relationship with Sussane and sons on a cordial note. The two have never shared their animosity in public, in fact, they plan their family holidays in order to be together.

His relationship with Kangana Ranaut came out in open when the actress publically spoke about it. The media went crazy discussing his life, with Hrithik slapping a legal notice to Kangana, the episode took an ugly turn. Despite much of public mudslinging, Hrithik never uttered a word against Kangana. Until recently when he broke the silence and called her a bully, when a leading daily questioned about the low level to which the discussion has gone to, from Kangana’s side. “Bullies have to be treated with patience and silence”, he said again without taking Kangana’s name. Although this did not stop Kangana and her sister Rangoli from continuing to abuse him. The nasty messages by Rangoli on Twitter made it furthermore lowbrow, but that has never made Hrithik react to it. While Kangana will never stop avenging and the public drama with Hrithik will continue for some time, but another family problem that has come out in public about the Roshans is related to Hrithik’s sister Sunaina. 

Sunaina has been in the news ever since she made a claim to be in love with a Muslim boy. Sunaina, who is the elder sister of Hrithik claims that his father (filmmaker Rakesh Roshan), brother and mother are totally against her relationship and that she is being abused by her own family. 

When Hrithik was recently questioned on this, he refused to comment on it claiming how the entire episode is a ‘very personal’ family issue. Obviously, he is true to what he is known for- a family man. Always protective about his family- be it for his elder sister or towards his divorced wife. 

While the world may be gushing about Hrithik, but he remains totally aloof from the world of glamour when he is not shooting. He loves to spend his time with his sons and ensures that they do not miss out on family time despite Sussane and him not being together. 

His film Super 30 is releasing after two years. After the movie Kaabil, in which he played a blind person, Hrithik now works as Anand Kumar- the professor from Bihar who has been dedicated to offering quality education to talented students from poor families.

Hrithik talks about his choice of movies, playing Anand Kumar and his equation in Bollywood:

Congratulations Hrithik, Super 30 has been making waves?

Well, thanks. This is the most fulfilling role taken up by me. I feel blessed to have played a role which is so accomplished. The best part is that this character is based on a real person who has real dreams and some real achievements. 

You met Anand Kumar several times. How is he as a person?

He is the noblest person I have met. A simple-hearted person with no pretence. He is always eager to help the students. His sincerity and dedication are remarkable. Although we made a movie on him, for me it was a learning process for me. It's rare to find a person like Anand. I hope his tribe grows and the kind of sincerity he has for the youngsters. He will surely build tomorrow’s future.    

How was it when you were approached for the film?

I have always wanted to do a film which touches the lives of people. I loved the point that there are people who are ready to bring in social change. The script was good, which impacted me at a cellular level. It impacted me in every possible way and I was deeply interested in working in the movie. 

Do you think that the moviegoers these days are looking for movies that are about real people and leaves food for thought?

It is not a new phenomenon, but has always been a trend. The films have always been something that has been looked upon. The society always looked for movies that had a strong message. Super 30 tells our children to dream and dream big. Help people find there path. The children are the hero of the film. There is a side of you which is hopeless and there is something that is hopeful to serve everyone. 

Looked liked you were deeply connected with the movie. How was your reaction when the shooting came to an end?

When the movie ended, I felt as if I had lived a dream. Something that justifies triumph of life. I will always consider myself lucky to have been able to do this character.  

How was it to work with Mrunal Thakur, who has been a famous TV actor?

Well, I am glad that she made the switch from TV to films. It was wonderful to work with her. I cannot believe that she has this amazing potential to work with the sweetest love story. She has been a very emotive actress, who enjoyed working on the character and the results were impressive on the screen. 

Your choice of scripts have been unique. How do you decide on your movies?

I never choose films carefully. I just have to be motivated with the script. I never put in the energy to just make a film which good on a graph, but I try to do movies that look interesting to me. I try to read the character very well because this is where I realise what my attention should be. I want the script to give me the mental strength to be able to give 100 days to be into that character. I don’t have a middle path for myself and I love to be in the character for a reason. So that I can be pushed to the edge of the potential. 

You have had a lovely relationship with your children. Please tell us something about your equation with your children? 

I have always been a cool parent. I always tell them to be energetic and enthusiastic. I tell them to break the monotony before it kills enthusiasm. There is nothing that the boys are not into and I see to it that I take out time to have a wonderful time with them. Parenting, as we all know is a full-time commitment. 

How seriously do you take the fan following since you have always had wonderful and loyal followers. Also, do you have responsibilities towards them for the content?

I have always had a sense of responsibility towards my fans and audience. As an actor, it is my duty to tell the right kind of stories and entertain them. However, when I am unable to do that and realise that there is some kind of reject. I simply enjoy the failure in that case.  I try to be never ever the second-best to myself. 

How does that influence make up your mind for the movie?

I think it is just right to make a decision and never be in a dilemma. I believe in making fast and strong decisions in order to bring about the change through our movies. This is the most powerful way of connecting with the audience.

People had a lot to say about your look in the movie. You had a makeover and you acquired the bronze look.

Actually the look is just the craft. How your hair looks or your face is just the exterior.  All that we need to do is get in the soul of the person. One must develop an emotional connect with them. This is what makes the movies and the audience closer. Expression to match the emotional journey of the character you play is important. Although I always enjoyed all the craft to look like the character. Feeling the character is important, which happens only when one gets into the skin of it.

There has been a shift in the kind of stories that are being told on the screen?

The reason that the films are evolving, getting subtle, deeper and real. This is definitely the best time to be here. But, the creative contribution of an actor and filmmaker is important. This is happening because we have cut out the melodrama and also because society has changed. This is the reason that the movies are changing and new stories are being told. 

We have heard that your father was against your joining the movie industry?

My dad was against me joining the movies. This is because stability was important for us. He had faced a lot of struggle that is why he was slightly apprehensive. However, very early in life, working in the movie was the only thing I knew. I started as an assistant director and also thought of learning special effects.  

How do handle hate and criticism particularly on social media

I do not think much. Feedback with emotional aggression is very clear and this comes from a personal bias. But most of us have to understand the reasons for negativity. Allowing people to vent their bias is something that one cannot stop. 

What you tell yourself when you start the day in the morning?

Never allow others to validate you. Always keep the steering of your life in your hand. Otherwise, people will always think of taking control of your life and deciding about your life. Celebritydom is not permanent, one should know. 

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